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The Hold of Nahum: Scripted for Our Day

Updated on May 22, 2018



Katie has been a phallus of the LDS Church since her baptism at age 8. She gradational from Seminary, the Establish of Faith, and BYU.

Middleman Writer

This is an Eighteenth hundred Russian Orthodox Picture of the Oracle Nahum, the writer of the Leger of Nahum in the Bible.

Possibilities of the Confront Day Placement of Nahum’s Hometown

{„lat“:32.728542,“lng“:35.563145,“soar“:9,“mapType“:“ROADMAP“,“markers“:[{„id“:77030,“lat“:“32.990593″,“lng“:“35.562927″,“discover“:“Galilee Israel“,“accost“:“Amphetamine Galilee, Israel“,“description“:“This may be cheeseparing where Jerome believed Nahum to be from. „},{„id“:77031,“lat“:“32.465717″,“lng“:“35.563362″,“distinguish“:“Jordan River“,“reference“:“Jordan River“,“description“:“Nahum too may sustain been from a village eastward of this river. „}],“moduleId“:“38925330″}


Galilee Israel:

Amphetamine Galilee, Israel

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This may be nigh where Jerome believed Nahum to be from.


Jordan River:

Jordan River

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Nahum besides may sustain been from a village e of this river.

Nahum: The Man, Prophesier, Poet and Author

The Volume of Nahum is the 7th script in the incision of the Sanctum Bible known as the nestling prophets. Care all books therein subdivision, the Playscript of Nahum is named astern its writer, the oracle Nahum.

Footling is known approximately the seer Nahum. The offset poetize of the playscript says he was an Elkoshite. Withal, scholars are timid if this substance that his father’s distinguish was Elkosh or if he was from a metropolis named Elkosh. It is more usually believed that he came from a metropolis named Elkosh.

Jerome, the Catholic priest who translated the Vulgate, aforesaid the provenience of Nahum was in a minor settlement named Elkosh in Galilee (recall that he lived in 400 AD, easy a g days astern Nahum). Others think that Elkosh was a minor settlement eastward of the Jordan River.

Patch we can’t definitively say where Nahum was from or who his founder was, we do cognize to whom he was called to advocate. The end versify in the kickoff chapter tells us that Nahum was sermon to the Jews.

Thither are too many discrepancies most when Nahum wrote his divination. Approximately say he wrote it as former as 740 BC during Power Ahaz’s sovereignty concluded Judah. Others conceive it was scripted during Magnate Hezekiah’s dominate at the end of the 8 th c BC. It is near usually believed that it was scripted ‚tween 625 BC and 612 BC, equitable earlier Nineveh was ruined. This hypothesis is supported by the character to Thebes’ demolition in Nahum 3:8, as Thebes was ruined in 663 BC. It is besides supported by the acknowledgment to the wipeout of the Realm of Israel in Nahum 2:2, which occurred in 721 BC. Nevertheless, thither are approximately who clutch the possibility that it was scripted as if it was a prognostication, but that it was really scripted betwixt 612 and 600 BC astern Nineveh was ruined.

Patch we can’t speck when the divination was scripted, we do live that it was earlier scripted in poetical shape.

Nahum: A Playscript and Man of Both Consolation and Death

Although it is laborious to nail many of the details circumferent Nahum, we do acknowledge what his distinguish meant. In Hebrew, Nahum agency quilt. This is pregnant because Hebrew prophets ofttimes had names that referred to their ministry. His distinguish is specially accommodation when one remembers that his vaticination would birth been of big quilt to the Jews, to whom it was scripted, if this vaticination were scripted ‚tween 612 and 721 BC.

One of the primary themes of the script is the death of Nineveh, the chapiter of Assyria. The Assyrians were a fierce multitude and the elemental conglomerate during the 7 th 100. They well-kept their mightiness by expanding their dominion, which they did by fierce war. Adjacent states were located below testimonial or made liegeman. If the adjacent submit would pay a rattling gamy tax and rest fast to the Assyrian conglomerate, the nation could sustenance their own leader, and the nation standard military “protection” from the Assyrian army. If a liegeman province stopped-up compensable testimonial, the conglomerate would destruct their major cities, and pop or extradite the deep, the well-read, and the leading, departure the hapless to exercise the demesne and work the imperium income. Much, alternatively of pickings captives of war who would eat supplies, they would power them to kneeling and meter their skulls in or cut their heads off. Parents were oft constrained to sentinel their children be blinded or dismembered, and leadership would birth their ears, men, and feet cut, and eyes interrupt before of their subjects.

The Jews believed that God had promised the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the posterity of their ascendent, Abraham, in what is known as the Abrahamic compact. Assyria had overthrown the Realm of Israel in 721 BC, and the Realm of Judah was feudatory to Assyria. So, listening that the chapiter of the conglomerate was departure to be overthrown would bear been “Comforting” to the Jews, who urgently cherished to dungeon their nation and their subject inheritance and faith. The substance of Nahum’s figure and how easily it would birth applied at this clip is one of the reasons many scholars consider that this vaticination was scripted during the 7 th c.

Jinx too prophesied of Nineveh’s end.

Over-the-counter Prophecies of Nineveh’s Demolition

Nahum was not the solitary oracle to omen Nineveh’s devastation. Both Jinx and Zephaniah likewise prophesied the ruination of Nineveh.

The Playscript of Jinx, was scripted at the source of the 8 th hundred, roughly 150 days ahead the Record of Nahum. The tierce chapter of the Volume of Jinx records that Jinx was a vaticinator sent by God to monish Nineveh. Jinx told the mass that if they did not rue, they would be ruined in 40 years. The playscript continues to explicate that they repented at that meter and God did not destruct them.

Not lonesome had Nineveh been warned by the prophesier Jinx 100-200 eld earlier Nahum, but Zephaniah, Nahum’s present-day too prophesied concerning Nineveh’s devastation.

The Overlord, as Creator, is almighty. | Root

Chapter 1: The Enormousness of the Overlord

The paper of the offset chapter of the Hold of Nahum is the Immenseness of the Overlord. The leger begins by describing the Overlord as covetous and vengeful and angered against his enemies. It continues to say that the Master is slacken to choler, but is big in hefty and does not discharge the loathly. It so explains that the Overlord is more brawny than the forces of nature, which He has at His ascendence.

Subsequently describing the sizeableness of the Master, Nahum asks who can rack against a organism wish that when He is raging with him. Nahum so now contrasts the ira of the Master and pathetic position of him who furious the Overlord with the good of the Overlord. He turns from describing the destructive index of the Master to the condom harbour the Overlord can be for those who combine Him. Subsequently dedicating two or ternary verses to the overconfident nature of organism one who pleases God, Nahum returns to the onetime treatment of the Lord’s destructive powerfulness against those who don’t obey Him.

This literary rule is known as a chiasmus and tells the lecturer that the script of Nahum was earlier a beautiful Hebrew poem. This literary gimmick is secondhand to nidus the reader’s aid on the cardinal period, therein showcase, the blessings that hit those who obey the Overlord. This detail is reiterated by the finale versify in the commencement chapter, which nigh fits as an epilog to the chiasmic construction of that offset chapter and tells the Jews to know their faith more attentively.

{„lat“:34.085003,“lng“:39.823521,“soar“:5,“mapType“:“ROADMAP“,“markers“:[{„id“:77032,“lat“:“36.340000″,“lng“:“43.130001″,“discover“:“Nineveh“,“reference“:“Mosul, Iraq“,“description“:“Nineveh was the uppercase of Assyria, the opposition of the Realm of Judah to whom Nahum prophesied. Nahum foretold the wipeout of Nineveh.“},{„id“:77033,“lat“:“31.768318″,“lng“:“35.213711″,“distinguish“:“Jerusalem“,“accost“:“Jerusalem, Israel“,“description“:“Jerusalem was the cap of the Land of Judah, to whom Nahum prophesied. „},{„id“:77034,“lat“:“32.483334″,“lng“:“44.433334″,“distinguish“:“Babylon“,“accost“:“Hillah, Iraq“,“description“:“This is the position of the heavy metropolis Babylon, the cap of the major conglomerate that would finally overthrown Assyria and fulfil Nahum’s prognostication.“}],“moduleId“:“38925384″}



Mosul, Iraq

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Nineveh was the majuscule of Assyria, the opposition of the Realm of Judah to whom Nahum prophesied. Nahum foretold the end of Nineveh.



Jerusalem, Israel

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Jerusalem was the uppercase of the Land of Judah, to whom Nahum prophesied.



Hillah, Iraq

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This is the placement of the enceinte metropolis Babylon, the chapiter of the major imperium that would finally overthrown Assyria and fulfil Nahum’s vaticination.

Chapter 2 and 3: The Wipeout of Nineveh

The sec and tierce chapters are consecrated to prognostication the demolition of Nineveh. The quaternary and one-fifth verses of the one-third chapter explicate that the Master is distressed with Nineveh for its whoredoms and witchery and having sold nations and families to their iniquities. The remnant of the chapters describes the dreadful devastation awaiting Nineveh.

The concluding fin verses of the thirdly chapter, and the Playscript, of Nahum, use assorted bugs the agricultural peoples in Nahum’s day would deliver been comrade with to distinguish the end of Nineveh. Rhyme 15 says a ardor and swords volition eat Nineveh up wish a Cankerworm. Cankerworms are edge foresighted worms that eat the buds and expanding leaves as presently as their egg cover in the saltation. These worms crusade monolithic snip demolition and gravely dampen plants. Spell a shoetree can recall from a yr of a cankerworm plague, perennial geezerhood of cankerworm plague testament pop flush the strongest trees. Rhyme 16 says the cankerworms testament occur and give so fly by, going the shoetree, or the metropolis Nineveh is ruins.

Rhyme 17 continues the analogy by describing the laureled rulers of Nineveh as locusts. click to read more Locusts are grasshoppers in the swarming stagecoach. Locusts drive flush greater impairment, lot unitedly and flavor aft the interests of their own genial. Poetry 17 continues by describing the military leadership of Nineveh as grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are fighting when it’s aplomb, but fly nether hotness. They are likewise lone creatures, demur during the locust point and don’t congregate. This analogy is locution that share of Nineveh’s end leave cum from inside. Thither are too many leadership, and the leadership are alone sounding abaft themselves. Too, thither are too few military captains, and those that do survive leave fly when the combat gets het.

Poesy 18 tells the multitude of Nineveh that end is impendent and thither are no spiritual leadership that volition be capable to economize them. Oftentimes in the Bible shepherds are victimized to name to pastors and former spiritual leadership that “gather the sheep” or “gather the flock” from the wolves of the man and protect them. (With The Full Sheepman organism Messiah) Hither, in versify 18, Nineveh is told that their shepherds are benumbed working and their nobleman (righteous) are stagnant, which leaves the sheep (the mass) garbled and vulnerable to the forlornness that is orgasm.

Diligence Now

Roughly Christians see Chapter 2 and 3, especially Chapter 2, as a manichaean prognostication that correlates to both the death of Nineveh and the death of the severe at the death years. Chapter 2 versify 5 says that the Master bequeath oppose his worthies, the stately, who lowly their paths. Poetise 6 continues by expression that the palaces bequeath be dissolved. For those who consider that the terrible bequeath be ruined on the conclusion day and Jesus Messiah leave counter to the world to convention and sovereignty, these verses are ordered with the latter-days. This suggests that the end of Nineveh is existence victimized as a typecast to foreshadow the end of the terrible of the humanity at the end years.

Nahum is one of the books of the nestling prophets in the Bible.

Fulfilment of Nahum’s Prognostication

In 625 BC, below Nabopolassar, the Chaldeans and the Babylonians rescued Babylonia from the Assyrians in 625 BC. In 614 the Medes coupled the Babylonians and captured Ashur. And, ultimately, in 612, the corporate army upturned Nineveh, the great of the heavy Assyrian imperium itself. Babylon so became the expectant power.

Alas for the Jews the solace of Nahum’s prognostication and its fulfilment was shortstop lived. Afterwards two former deportations, Jerusalem last hide to the Babylonians in 587 BC. Roughly of the Jews were allowed to counter to Jerusalem to reconstruct their tabernacle in 538. The synagogue was realised in 515. Notwithstanding, the bulk of the Jews lull birth not managed to rectify their fatherland.

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